Can I invest as an entity?

Yes, you can invest as an entity.

You can invest as an entity, trust, or other partnership agreement on Netcapital. All we will need is verification that the holding entity is legally established and that you are authorized to act on its behalf. 

To invest as an entity, you'll first need to create an account under your individual name at When you click "Invest" on a company's offering page, our site will ask you for a name and email address. Please use the name of the person who will be administering the Netcapital account and is authorized to invest on behalf of the entity. We do require the name, date of birth, social security number, and address of the person making the investment decision.  

Our site will then ask you whether you want to invest using a "holding entity". You'll want to enter the entity’s information, including the Tax Identification Number (TIN). Your entity will be used as the holding entity and we'll issue the shares in the name of the entity. To avoid issues with payment, we request that you upload all supporting documents that outline an individual's ability to invest on behalf of the entity. In addition, please upload a copy of the entity's formation document and other relevant documents. For assistance in setting up an entity, please email