What are my available payment methods?

Further information on the payment methods available on Netcapital.

Credit/Debit Cards:
Your card will generally be charged immediately following the submission of your investment commitment.

The name that will appear on your billing statement will read "NETCAPITAL–" followed by the first 10 characters of the name of the company. For example: your statement may read as "NETCAPITAL–COMPANYNAMEINC" for which you made an investment commitment.

For U.S. investors, this method involves a direct debit (an ACH transfer) from your U.S. checking or savings account. Funds are typically debited from your bank account a few days after you invest.

Note that the option to make an ACH transfer from checking or savings accounts is not available to Non-U.S. investors. For Non-U.S. investors, we accept payment by credit/debit card, wire, and transfers from your Netcapital wallet.

If you are eligible to and pay via ACH transfer, there are no additional fees to investing.

Wire Transfer:
Some banks charge a fee for wire transfers. Please be sure to talk to your banking institution about any fees involved to ensure they are covered in the total amount of your payment and the full amount of your investment commitment is available for investment.

For example, if you are seeking to make an investment of $500 in a company via wire transfer and your bank charges a wire transfer fee of $25, you must transfer $525 (your $500 investment target plus the $25 wire transfer fee paid to your bank). Otherwise, you may end up investing only $475 because the $25 wire transfer fee will be deducted by your bank from your requested investment amount.

If you choose to make an investment commitment by wire, Netcapital will send you a unique identifier code, or wire payment code. Please include this unique identifier code as the payment description when giving your bank your wire instructions. This code will help us identify, track and apply your wire accurately to your Netcapital account. If this code is not included, there is no guarantee we will be able to track your payment and it may be lost or your investment commitment may be delayed or not processed in time to allow you to invest in your selected investment on Netcapital.

Transfer from Your Wallet:
You can use available balances in your Netcapital Wallet to make an investment commitment. You can fund your Wallet, and check your balance, on your Netcapital Dashboard.