What kinds of companies raise on Netcapital?

The companies listed on Netcapital are private, early-stage companies that are looking to raise funds with help from investors like you!

There are a wide array of pre-IPO companies with different goals, offerings, and products raising funds on Netcapital. The investor community on Netcapital has helped raise millions for private companies in various fields, such as healthcare, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, entertainment, space travel, and more. You can view the companies currently raising funds on Netcapital by visiting our companies page here

Each investor must decide for themselves if a company raising on Netcapital is worthy of their investment. Before a company can raise capital on our site, each company must go through a robust compliance process and be approved by our dedicated compliance team. Still, each investor must conduct their own due diligence and read our section on the risks involved before purchasing securities in private companies.