How do I pay for my investment commitment?

There are four payment methods available on our site: card, ACH, wire, or your Netcapital Wallet.

Netcapital offers four ways for you to pay for your investment: credit/debit cards; ACH transfers from your U.S. bank account (US Investors only); wire transfers, or transfers from your Netcapital wallet account.

Non-U.S. investors can pay in three ways: credit/debit cards; wire transfer, or transfer from your Netcapital wallet account. For wire transfers, many investors recommend TransferWise.

If you choose to make an investment commitment by wire, Netcapital will send you a unique identifier code for your wire. Please include this unique identifier code as the payment description when giving your bank your wire instructions. This code will help us identify, track and apply your wire accurately to your Netcapital account. If this code is not included, there is no guarantee we will be able to track your payment. Your payment may be lost or your investment commitment may be delayed or not processed in time to allow you to invest in your selected investment on Netcapital.