I don't want to/can't log into my bank. Do I have another option?

You can manually connect your bank account by entering your account and routing numbers. This process will take longer, as microdeposits will be sent to your bank account.

If you prefer not to enter your login credentials for your banking institution or if your bank does not support online logins, you can manually enter the account and routing numbers of the account that you would like to connect to.

If you follow this approach, as part of the verification process, Plaid will send two micro-deposits to the account you specified, which you will be asked to verify on your Netcapital Payment Methods page. These deposits will be for amounts less than $1 and may take up to 24 hours to appear as ACH credits on your bank statement. You will need to return to your Netcapital account and verify the amount of these micro-deposits. Once you have correctly entered the amounts of these micro-deposits on your Netcapital payments page, you will receive a confirmation email and your linked account will be ready to transfer funds via ACH.