If a company does not reach their minimum target, where are my funds returned to?

It depends on your payment method. Your funds will either be refunded directly to your card account or transferred to your Netcapital Wallet.

If an issuing company does not reach its minimum target for its raise, the offering will close unsuccessfully and all investment commitments will be returned to each investor.

For credit/debit card payments, funds are returned to your cardholder account. Please note that the convenience fee charged when you invested via your card was sent to our credit card processor and will not be refunded. 

For ACH, Wallet, or wire payments, your funds will be returned to your Netcapital Wallet. From here, you can choose to either invest these funds into other companies or withdraw the money back to your bank account.

If you have funds you would like to withdraw from your Netcapital Wallet and are currently located outside of the U.S., your payment can only be returned to you via a wire payment. Please email us at help@netcapital.com so that we may help you process your wire return.