Is it secure to link my bank account (ACH)?

Yes. All sensitive information is secure and encrypted.

We use Plaid, Inc., a San Francisco-based financial technology company that builds connections with thousands of financial institutions to let you link your bank account to your Netcapital account.

Netcapital does not retain or have access to the login credentials you provide Plaid. Plaid, Inc is a trusted partner to companies ranging from popular fintech applications to Fortune 500 companies and major banks. These relationships require the company to have strong security controls in place, and its platform is regularly audited and tested to ensure its controls meet industry standards.

For example, Plaid ensures sensitive data (both in motion and at-rest) is encrypted, and regularly completes SOC-2 audits. When you enter your online banking credentials on the Netcapital site, Plaid establishes an encrypted connection with your bank. This flow was designed with security in mind, as an easy alternative to entering static account and routing numbers that you might need to look up, write down and enter accurately on our site. Once this connection is established, our application receives a token. This token enables us to get the data we need to provide our service without direct access to your bank account or credentials.