How do I get updates on my investments?

Each company is responsible for updating its investors. Updates are sent via email.

Companies that raise money under Section 4(a)(6) are required by the SEC to file an annual report on their financial condition unless certain conditions are met. Companies may, at their discretion, send investor updates through the Netcapital system at any time. There are no SEC financial disclosure, or ongoing disclosure, or filing requirements for 506(c) offerings.

Because shares in companies on our platform are not traded publicly, it can be difficult to monitor a change in price unless there is another investment round or an exit (meaning the company is sold or goes public). In both of those circumstances, the company is required to disclose this information in an annual report. Netcapital does not provide statements in the interim.

Netcapital helps to manage investor-relations communication between investors and companies after closing. You can directly contact the founders of the company by posting on the discussion board, located on their offering page. However, it's important to note that it may be difficult to get the attention of founders and CEOs as their focus will be on running their businesses. It is up to each company to monitor and respond to questions from its investors.