What should I know before investing?

Here are some important notes to keep in mind before investing:

  • Private investing can risky— only invest as much as you would feel comfortable losing.
  • There are different limits to how much investors can invest annually— but anyone can invest at least $2,200.
  • You are required to hold your securities for a one-year period, beginning when these securities are issued, with very few exceptions. During the holding period, there may or may not be a market for your securities. You may be required to hold these securities until the company you invested in exits the market, such as through an acquisition or by going public. 
  • You may withdraw your investment up to 48 hours before the offering closes, if you change your mind about investing. Please keep an eye on your email in case the company you invested in closes earlier than the original close date listed on the offering page. It is possible that the company closes earlier than the date on their offering, and committed investors are notified when this occurs.