Why do you need my SSN/ID/Passport?

In order to invest on Netcapital, we need to be able to ensure your identity for safety and compliance purposes.

As a financial institution, just like your bank or broker, we need to be able to verify each investor's identity. This is not just helpful for the companies raising capital with Netcapital (imagine trying to issue shares to, and deal with ongoing investor communications, etc. with someone who may not exist); it is also required under U.S. federal law to prevent terrorist financing and money laundering.

You may be prompted to provide your SSN, ID, or Passport to complete an investment. What is asked for will depend on, and is specific to, your situation. We collect this data to verify who you are and to make sure you are not on a list that would prevent the startup from doing business with you.

When we collect your personal identifying information, it's sent through a secure link to an established third-party verification service. If your identification documentation is cleared, there will be no further action required; if something isn't right, we will reach out and help you fix it.

We want everyone to be able to invest on Netcapital; however, failure to provide requested documents or information will result in your investment commitment being canceled.