Why is the payment for my investment commitment shown as "Requested"?

If your payment shows as "Requested," it means that we have recorded your commitment to invest. Please check your email for any further steps.

If your payment is shown as "Requested", that means the transfer of funds has not yet been initiated, and you may have to take further action. For example:

  • Bank Transfers (ACH) & Card Payments: We do not initiate your payment until you have been verified by our system. If your payment hasn't been initiated, then we may not have sufficient information to verify you. We will email you when this happens, and give you an appropriate action to take.
  • Wire Transfers: Your payment hasn't been received yet. It typically takes wire payments one business day to show up, at which point they will be marked as "Paid."

If we are unable to process your request, your investment commitment will be withdrawn. It is important to take any steps in a timely manner so that we may process your investment commitment successfully.