How do withdrawing investments and refunds work on your site?

Learn more about withdrawing investment commitments and refunds:

You may withdraw your investment at any time up to 48 hours before the offering closes. You can do so from your Dashboard. If you choose to cancel or withdraw your investment commitment in a particular company, you will receive back your investment commitment amount minus all applicable transaction fees.

If you paid by credit card, the applicable convenience fee will have been sent to our credit card processing service and cannot be refunded to you.

It typically takes a few business days to receive your refund. If you withdraw an investment within a few hours of making it, it’s possible that the funds will never leave your account. However, if we have already initiated the ACH transfer for your investment commitment, we need to wait for the funds to arrive, and then process the return of the balance of your account. Please allow up to two weeks for this process.

If you paid via wire, wallet, or ACH transfer, your refund will be returned to your Netcapital wallet. Credit/debit card refunds will be returned directly to the card that was used to make the investment commitment.

Material Changes

If prior to closing an offering, the company you’re investing in makes a material change to the offering terms or other information that was disclosed to you, you will be notified of this change. In accordance with applicable regulations, you will have five business days to confirm if you want to remain invested in the offering. If you do not confirm your investment within five business days of that notification, your investment will be canceled.